We Build
Digital Products
of the Future Today.

We are a team of software developers, designers, big data engineers and data scientists that are passionate about building product, software and innovative solutions.

Who we are?

We believe in open-source and independent teams, follow agile practices and lean startup method, and aim to share this culture with our clients.

KI labs is a member of KI group with branches located in Cologne, Stuttgart, Berlin and recently Munich.

What do we do?

We build technologically challenging software products and services for our prominent clients. We do innovative solutions that are used in large-scales for customers and businesses using whatever the most suitable toolsets are: be it using basic HTML to get the job done up to large-scale deployed neural-network based prediction engines.

Software development

We use principles of Design Thinking, Agile software development, and our top engineers' experience to build software solutions in continuous iterations.

Machine Learning & AI

In collaboration with our data scientists at KI analytics, we translate our state-of-the-art algorithms into running software at scale. The tools are widely used in marketing, business intelligence, and even data-driven software development.

Big Data Engineering

We utilize Big Data experience of KI performance, and build datawarehouse solutions necessary for a product or service, typically Hadoop or MS DWH.

Product Development

Using the principles of data-driven development and customer-centric design we build intuitive interfaces and applications, be it an app or an Alexa Voice interface.


Large customers typically have monolithic backends, while paradigm shift in service-oriented architectures requires a flexible and independent infrastructure, e.g. Microservices.


We believe digitization efforts without cultural change from inside are futile. In collaboration with our customers, we onboard the teams with our methods, and develop solutions together with internal teams.

Want to be a part of the next revolution in software?

We are constantly looking for people who can critically look at a problem and form their own conclusions. We care about your strong opinions, what technical stack you love and what you consider a dream job; we value diversity and strong minds.

It is important for us if you can get the job done rather than your previous work experience, or what your last job title has been. We look for people who feel there is more they can do with their brain-power and knowledge, and are feeling underused.

    Management Team

    • Danial Taherzadeh

      Dr. Danial Taherzadeh

      Managing Director

    Partners and Investments

    Our mission is to find the best solution available for any new business model and every new issue. This solution may emerge from within our own companies or from collaborating with our specialists network, comprising classic vendors, unicorns, young startups or single individuals. We screen trends, networks and technological developments consistently and extensively. We complement our global network continuously.

    We evaluate top provider’s performance and therefore always apply the most suitable solutions in our projects. Among others, we cooperate with the following partners: