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Dr. Danial Taherzadeh

Dr. Danial Taherzadeh

Managing Director

At KI labs we're not imagining the future, we're building it.

Danial is the founder and managing director of KI labs GmbH, a member of KI Group. Since 2017 he has built KI labs into a revolutionary software company focused on products in a wide field of industries including Logistics, Mobility, and Finance. He has deep roots in technology, both driving and leading large-scale products and platforms. Prior to KI labs, Danial served as CTO to several start-ups focused in Bio-Technology and Health Care.

Dr. Felix Raab

Dr. Felix Raab

Head of Engineering

My favorite software engineering virtues: intellectual humility and curiosity

Felix leads all of our diverse engineering efforts at KI labs. Having worked in academic, corporate, and startup environments, he brings a wide range of software engineering experience across different industries. Throughout the years Felix architected and built numerous software systems, platforms, and digital products for major brands such as ProSiebenSat.1 and Audi. Before joining KI labs, he worked as lead engineer for cloud-native applications in a large-scale IoT project at IBM Watson. At labs, he's responsible for leading and designing our growing engineering department.

Elena Soare

Elena Soare

Chapter Lead HR

Working with such diverse, smart and incessantly growth-seeking people is what inspires you to push your limits and drive out the best of you every day

As Lead of our Human Resources team, Elena is responsible for driving the recruitment efforts, guiding the startup-oriented company culture, developing sustainable employee growth strategies, and helping to build an ideal workplace for everyone. Since joining in 2017, Elena has overseen the implementation of our hiring strategy, steering our growth while KI labs has more than quadrupled in size. Prior to joining, she worked in Talent Acquisition and HR Consultancy roles for major European and global tech players: Finastra and METRO SYSTEMS.

Miguel Loureiro

Miguel Loureiro

Lisbon Branch Manager

Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

Miguel leads our first subsidiary branch at KI labs based in Lisbon, Portugal. He's responsible for building and bootstrapping the entire Lisbon business from the ground up. In addition to handling operations for Lisbon, Miguel is also responsible for assembling the engineering and product teams, filling key organizational positions, and ensuring project success with our diverse clients. Prior to joining KI, Miguel was leading Product and Engineering efforts at Uniplaces and was advising UTRUST and other startups at the leadership level.

Steffen Braun

Steffen Braun

CEO of KI group

Nothing normal ever changed a damn thing.

Steffen is the CEO of KI group, the parent company of KI labs and more than a dozen companies in the KI business portfolio. Since heading the KI group in 2007 he has expanded the group's presence by developing new companies in multiple fields including Finance, Mobility, Software Engineering, Data Analytics, Recruitment, Company Building and Venture Capital. Steffen has proven he has an eye for the future and continuously leverages his years of experience and the capabilities of the KI group to take advantage of emerging opportunities.

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Team facts

  • Languages
    30 Languages
  • Countries
    17 Countries
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    2 Internal Hackathons
  • Chicken
    1 Chicken

Team Facts

We celebrate diversity

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